Montague Mattress

OUR mission

To provide fast, high quality service where we are always looking for ways to improve efficiency in customer service and inspection/ repair processes benefiting our clients and end users alike.

Shawn Callin


Montague Mattress™ Company is a mattress inspection and repair service with technicians right across Canada servicing every major urban centre in the country. With a strong background in both retail and manufacturing, our technicians inspect each set thoroughly, providing a detailed service report and appropriate pictures that our clients can easily read and understand. Our focus is our clients’ needs: contacting customers and setting up appointments quickly, providing courteous, professional service and submitting reports and related materials in a timely manner. Our vision is to be the gold standard of customer service: accountable, responsible, quick and courteous. With a strong, national presence in Canada, we are now expanding into the U.S. market including The West Coast, The American South West, and the Southern U.S. states.