Montague Mattress

OUR mission

To provide fast, high quality service where we are always looking for ways to improve efficiency in customer service and inspection/ repair processes benefiting our clients and end users alike.

Shawn Callin


At Montague Mattress™, professionalism is a given, not some goal we need to attain.

It is the principle tenet upon which the company is built and is found at all levels:

Our office staff is courteous, treating all callers with consideration and respect and clearly identifying themselves when answering the phone. Because so much of business communication is via email, all our emails are written in a clear and business-like manner, without the unnecessary and irreverent punctuation found in so many electronic communications these days.

Our reports are edited for clarity, sentence structure and detail, so the issue is clearly understood and our customers know exactly how to handle each claim. We stress objectivity and detail in our reports and all our techs are trained in the same manner to ensure uniformity.

Our techs call in a timely manner, clearly identifying who they are and why they are calling, show up for appointments within a given time frame, dress and comport themselves in a manner consistent to the type of work involved- a dress code is required- and always aware that they are guests in someone's house.