Montague Mattress

OUR mission

To provide fast, high quality service where we are always looking for ways to improve efficiency in customer service and inspection/ repair processes benefiting our clients and end users alike.

Shawn Callin

Our Technicians

Our technicians come from a variety of backgrounds, but all share one common characteristic: all have experience in customer service. All technicians are aware of the necessity to call promptly, show up when expected and to dress in an appropriate fashion; all our technicians understand their deportment reflects not only upon Montague Mattress™ but the company on whose behalf we are inspecting.

Unlike other service providers, our history includes the building and retailing of mattresses and box springs and this working knowledge of mattress manufacture is a part of their training that all technicians undergo prior to going out on inspections. This gives them the confidence in explaining the development of mattress wear and tear and taking a more pro active role during the home inspection. Our technicians stand out in another way as well: we do many in home repairs where other companies won't, and technicians are expected to effect repairs where possible. This of course, saves both retailers and manufacturers time and money. Our technicians know they don't work in a vacuum; in fact technicians are encouraged to phone head office when in doubt or need clarification during a home inspection.

All technicians know their role: to inspect mattresses, box springs and bed frames in a quantifiable, objective manner, using industry appropriate language and to send this information back so our customers can determine whether an exchange is warranted or not.

Our technicians enjoy meeting and working with people, which is why they are a part of the Montague Mattress™ team over a number of years, not a span of several months.All our technicians are bondable and fully insured.